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SuperIdols! RPG is a narrative play tabletop roleplaying podcast about aspiring teen idols with superpowers. Join GM ErynCerise and table of queer, gender-diverse players for improvised stories with elements of high school comedy, magical girl anime, showbiz drama, and superhero action! The current campaign is played using Masks: A New Generation. New episodes every 3 weeks. Logo by @Prissmbell on Twitter. For more details and subscription options, visit
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 11: Drama!

    Today on SuperIdols! RPG, the Fort McNally Idol Club (minus Ann) reunites and begins to figure out where they go from here. Their plan results in the group's first encounter with the other major performance-based organization at their school: THE DRAMA CLUB (dun dun duuunnnn!). Cast:- Dana Lexa (she/her, @AuthorX) ...


  2. Episode 10: The Ex-Tensions

    Today on SuperIdols! RPG, Valerie takes Jaiden and Ann to check out the Stormlight in preparation for their upcoming gig. Little do they know that they're about to meet a hair-raising new idol (played by special guest Joel Ruiz!) CONTENT WARNING: Weird and potentially gross hair-related content throughout. Hair appears to ...


  3. Episode 9: Zero Degrees

    Today on SuperIdols! RPG, Allen and Angie run into each other at the mall and end up forced to kick some ice at a cool party put on by the frosty, flamboyant Zero Degrees (played by special guest Nathan Blades!) Cast:- Tea (they/them, @Nonbinaritea) as Evangeline "Angie" Blake / Bane ...


  4. Episode 8: Soloists

    Today on SuperIdols! RPG, our heroes have scattered to the wind in the wake of their disastrous performance. How is everyone holding up on their own?  Cast: - Dana Lexa (she/her, @AuthorX) as Valerie Pearce / Violence Violet - Tea (they/them, @Nonbinaritea) as Evangeline "Angie" Blake / Bane ...


  5. Episode 8 Delay and Other Announcements

    Summary of Updates - SuperIdols! RPG episode 8 is delayed to November 7th. - Editing on Mahou Profile is being prioritized so that it can be finished before the end of the month. - Join the Magical Stage Discord! Link here: - Support SuperIdols and Mahou Profile on Patreon here: - Michelle and ...