SuperIdols! RPG

Episode 15: The Incident

SuperIdols! RPG
Episode 15: The Incident

Today on SuperIdols! RPG, RhythMixx continues their rehearsals in the auditorium working alongside Yasmin and the Drama Club. All seems well until the group finds out why a rift formed between their clubs in the first place.

- Dana Lexa (she/her, @AuthorX) as Valerie Pearce / Violence Violet
- Tea (they/them, @Nonbinaritea) as Evangeline "Angie" Blake / Bane Raven
- Drak (he/him, @Drakoniques) as Jaiden Lott / Elementum
- Luca (he/they, @QueenBe15160871) as Allen Micucci / Queen Bee
- ErynCerise (she/her, @eryncerise) as The GM

NPC Name Spellings:
- Yasmin Brennan
- VAPE or WAVE (mentioned)
- Karen

Featured Patrons:
- Amairylle
- Nerine
- Rain Crystal
- Sensei1477


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Dialogue and Cleanup Editing:
- Kathleen Childs (from the Sword of Symphonies podcast):

Logo Art: Prissmbell (@Prissmbell)

Character Art: Onsta (@onstamonsta)

Opening Theme: "Le Chevalier Noir 'version_instrumentale'" by Cyborgjeff (used under license from Jamendo Music)

Ending Theme: "Born to Drive Me Crazy" by Lance Conrad (used under license from

"I Am the Violence" (Jaiden and Valerie's song for RhythMixx) composed and performed by Street Sorcery:

Death of a Salesman monologue audio performed and recorded by Jesse Hur:

Other incidental music and sound effects for this episode are licensed from,, and the YouTube Audio Library, with the exception of Jesse Hur's monologue performance from Death of a Salesman, which is a Creative Commons recording. For inquiries about specific tracks, please contact the GM on Twitter @eryncerise.

This campaign is played using Masks: A New Generation, written by Brendan Conway and published by Magpie Games, with custom moves by ErynCerise and Zak P.

SuperIdols! RPG is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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