SuperIdols! RPG

Episode 7: Downpour

SuperIdols! RPG
Episode 7: Downpour

Today on SuperIdols! RPG, Diana's back! And this time? She brought friends. What is she doing here? How did she get in? And most importantly: what are our heroes going to do about it?

CONTENT WARNING: BEE SWARMING SCENE FROM ROUGHLY 01:06:15 - 01:11:15. Timestamps may vary depending on app. Scene begins after a cloud of daggers starts raining down and lasts approximately four minutes. There is a bee buzzing auditory effect before the attack to signal that it's starting.

- Dana Lexa (she/her, @AuthorX) as Valerie Pearce / Violence Violet
- Tea (they/them, @Nonbinaritea) as Evangeline "Angie" Blake / Bane Raven
- Maria (she/her, hir/hirs, @ThatAceGal) as Ann Davil / War Cry
- Drak (he/him, @Drakoniques) as Jaiden Lott / Elementum
- Luca (he/they) as Queen Bee
- ErynCerise (she/her, @eryncerise) as The GM

NPC Name Spellings:
- Karen
- Diana
- Rosette
- Ashley

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- Apple
- Circus
- Sensei1477
- Matthew F.

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Logo Art: Prissmbell (@Prissmbell)

Character Art: Onsta (@onstamonsta)

Opening Theme: "Le Chevalier Noir 'version_instrumentale'" by Cyborgjeff (used under license from Jamendo Music)

Ending Theme: "Lax" by Lance Conrad (used under license from

Other incidental music and sound effects for this episode are licensed from and, with the exception of "Fireworks" (a Creative Commons track by Gmode). For inquiries about specific tracks, please contact the GM on Twitter @eryncerise.

This campaign is played using Masks: A New Generation, written by Brendan Conway and published by Magpie Games, with custom moves by ErynCerise and Zak P.

SuperIdols! RPG is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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